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extended curriculum

forest school

   Forest school is a Scandinavian approach to learning and was introduced into the UK in the 1990’s. 
   Its philosophy is to provide a hands-on experiential learning experience to develop and build on a
   child’s confidence and self-esteem using the natural environment.  Using the outdoor setting at Rose
   Hill Primary children can build resilience, take supported risk, be creative, learn about their natural
   surroundings, work independently as well as being part of a team, share their experiences and learn
   from one another.  Typical activities undertaken during a Forest School session include:

  • Outdoor team games
  • Tool use
  • Environmental art
  • Knot tying
  • Crafts
  • Fire craft
  • Mini beast, bird, tree and mammal identification
  • Shelter and den building
  • Habitat creation
  • Exploring and digging

Each child will get the opportunity to participate in Forest School every term and will belong to one of four groups: Badger, Fox, Hedgehog or Squirrel.

For more information on Forest school please visit The Forest School Association Website. 

Please click on the documents below to view our exciting Forest School Newsletters...


eco committee

Our Eco Committee is made up of staff and children who are passionate about making our school more sustainable and helping us become more aware of green issues.  The children are the driving force behind the Committee which meets on a regular basis to discuss new ideas and plan activities aimed at increasing environmental awareness.  
    Our aims are:

  • To care about our school, community, and the world.
  • To look after our environment so that we can enjoy a bright, healthy and positive future.
  • Make everyone understand that small changes can make a huge difference.

    We have also created our own Logo and this poem to help spread the message within school and our local community.

Our electricity is not to be wasted.
Understand that we can all make changes.
Reuse, Reduce, Recycle
Waste is to be composted. Playtime fruit
Our Gardening Club grow and share.
Reduce the amount of meat you eat.
Litter goes in the bins.  Keep school tidy!
Discuss our concerns and work with our local community.

The Eco-Committee has introduced a number of initiatives ranging from posting signs reminding us to turn off lights and purchasing recycling bins for our plastic milk bottles, fruit waste and crisp and biscuit wrappers and doing weekly litter picking of our playground.

Did you know we recycle over 500 milk bottles each week?

We have successfully bid for grants from the Stockport Hydro.  In 2020 we received £350 which was spent on a wildlife shed for our Forest Schools area and in 2021 we received £200 which will be spent on developing our new pond area.  A group of children also attended the Youth Climate Summit at Manchester University to share their ideas with over 20 other local schools.