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26th February 2021

I know I said that these blogs would be fortnightly, but there has been a very important announcement for all schools nationally and I want to ensure everyone is reassured about what that means for Rose Hill.  The Prime Minister has set out his plan for the return of all pupils and consequently all schools will return to face-to-face education on Monday 8th March.  We are delighted to have all of our pupils back at last and are very much looking forward to seeing everyone.

All primary school pupils will return to Rose Hill on Monday 8th March.

Throughout the last twelve months we have been very successful at mitigating the risks, which has ensured that school has remained open and that very few children have had bubbles closed due to possible contact with Covid.  It is crucial that we manage this full re-opening in the same way and use caution to ensure that we build on this success and continue keep everyone as safe as possible.

All children will resume learning with their own allocated class teacher.  School will be exactly like it was in the Autumn term with social distancing, rigorous hygiene management and bubble groupings etc.

The staggered start / finish times will remain in place to ensure we keep different bubbles away from each other and to reduce the numbers of parents and children in our school grounds.

Early Years

Nursery will start at 8.40am and finish at 3.10pm
Reception will start at 8.40am and finish at 14.55pm

Key Stage 1

Years 1 and 2 will start at 8.40am and finish at 14.55pm

Key Stage 2

Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 will start at 8.50am and finish at 15.05pm


All of Patchwork will start at 8.40am and finish at 15.05pm

Polite reminders for those who have not been with us for a while:

In order to help you to stay safe on our site, can we remind you to wear a face covering at all times during your visit and not to come onto our grounds before your child’s entry door is actually open.  This will still be ten minutes prior to school starting and will ensure families are not waiting around on site. The school gates will continue to open two minutes before the classroom doors open.

Even with the staggered start/finish times, this will mean a large number of pupils will need to stay apart within the grounds.  Please help us by keeping your children by your side when entering and leaving to ensure that they don’t mix with children from other bubbles.  We are not able to accept late arrivals as this would require crossing different bubbles and different staff to be available.  The bubble groupings will continue inside school with separate playtimes and lunchtime. 

There is only one change for primary school staff, which is the use of twice-weekly lateral flow testing at home to identify positive cases more quickly.  Our resourced provision team have been invited for vaccinations, but hopefully this invitation will be extended as part of the school full opening plan for the rest to feel a little more protected.

Please remind your child about the social distancing and meticulous hygiene that is needed to keep everyone safe.  To help support your child’s return to school, we have put some helpful resources on the Covid Communication page of our website, under Parents Information, and there is also a lovely book available to download.  

Finally, don’t forget to pre-order your child’s lunches for the rest of the term and book your before and after school club requirements via the usual online systems.  

Hopefully this answers any questions you might have, but please don't hesitate to contact the school office if you need any additional information.

We look forward to seeing you on Monday 8th March.

Kind regards,

Mrs Mastrolonardo