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27th May 2022

In addition to the academic curriculum at Rose Hill, we place great importance on the personal and social side of children’s development.  We have seven school values which have always been woven into to everything we do: Empathy, Creativity, Respect, Independence, Collaboration, Curiosity and Resilience.  We are sure you agree that these qualities, out of all those we could choose from, are key to helping all our young people develop into well rounded individuals.  Lessons are built around them, they are used in restorative conversations each day, assemblies extend them and your child will be acknowledged for efforts towards them.  Even our youngest children have an age appropriate version and are able to confidently tell you why they have been recognised as a ‘Persevering Parrot’, ‘Respectful Rabbit’ or ‘Go for it Gorilla’ etc by either their peers or staff in school!

It has been an action-packed fortnight to end the term on, with performances of our musical show and family assemblies, local educational visits and residential holidays further afield, exciting sports events and then, of course, all the Jubilee activities and tea parties.  As I have proudly watched them all unfold, the work on values has been striking.  Even in my assemblies, I see our youngest children showing sheer delight when a classmate has been noticed for demonstrating one of our values.  This is all the more remarkable when empathy can actually be one of the hardest for children to fully comprehend.  Our Rose Hill school family and the opportunities for children to mix once again in school, with pupils beyond their class, is a great way to develop this further and thankfully that is now back in action.

It has also been wonderful to have had literally hundreds of you into school over the fortnight, helping with our events or coming to enjoy being part of an audience.  You will have seen your child collaborating and being creative, showing talents and levels of perseverance that you might not have realised they had within them, which is part of them growing up and flourishing.  There are plenty of photos to be seen on our weekly newsletter, if you have not had chance to see it yet.

The summer term is a lovely time for the staff, who like you can reflect on the significant positive changes your child has acquired as they have matured since the beginning of the school year.  The children are certainly starting to look ready to move on to their next year group in September!

Thank you for all the time and kind support you have given to school, to enable our half term to end on such a high for the children.  The PTA volunteers have also been busy making the end of the week a beautiful day to remember.  I wish you a happy Whitsun and hope you have a lovely holiday with your family.

Kind regards,

H Mastrolonardo