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7th May 2021

Although we are far from the end of the school year, a lot of things begin to revolve around our oldest pupils before the Whitsun holiday.  They have their secondary school places confirmed at this time and start to be very aware of all that we have aimed to achieve by getting them ‘secondary ready’ over the course of Key Stage 2.  They have recently been presented with their leavers’ hoodies and you will perhaps have noticed that they are wearing them with pride to school each day.  In fact, they are probably the only Rose Hill pupils to welcome the current chilly weather, since typical soaring temperatures during this term traditionally make wearing the hoodies a challenge!

It is also a really busy time for school leaders over these next few weeks, with education’s version of the football transfer window closing at Whitsun.  With the constraints of last May, staff movement was in effect frozen, but recruitment is now possible and we have a small number of changes that we will be sharing with you in due course, where staff are moving to new roles or leaving us for a while for maternity reasons, which are very exciting for them.  Whilst recruitment is incredibly demanding, it is invigorating for schools to carefully market themselves and secure the very best applicants who will help to further enhance the staff team and in doing so the capacity of the school.  As the Covid restrictions continue to lift, staff who will be joining us in September have begun to visit and meet their new colleagues which always provides a buzz as staff continue to deliver one academic year whilst making key decisions about the next.

One particular current opportunity is as part of our growing Midday Team.  If any parents/carers would like a paid role that fits in neatly with the school day please visit Our School / Staff Vacancies on our website for an application form and more information.  Since lunchtimes have had to operate in the Covid ‘bubbles’, away from other age groups, we have had to recruit some additional staff. However, this has been very positive and they have brought with them a whole range of skills and interests, from sport to agricultural studies, which the children have enjoyed hearing about.  If you feel you could offer lunchtimes, even on just a couple of days a week, playing games with our children or supervising their safety whilst they eat their lunches, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Kind regards,

Mrs Mastrolonardo