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Teachers - Miss Beard, Mr McDonald and Mr Kirrane

The children’s learning each term will be led by the enquiry question.  In the Autumn Term the children will consider “When would you prefer to live – Stone Age, Bronze Age or Iron Age?”  In Spring they will investigate “How did the earliest civilizations develop and why was Ancient Egypt a successful civilization?” and in the Summer Term we will ask “How has Ancient Greece influenced the western world?”  This work will be inspired by a range of engaging texts and be supported by local visits and school trips. 

Important Information for Year 4:

  • The children will have an indoor and outdoor PE session each week.  The days will change depending on the activity they are doing therefore please ensure your child has a PE kit in school every day. 
  • Reading book and records also need to be in school every day. 

We would encourage pupils to read every day to develop their love for reading and practise their Times Tables.  At the end of Year 4 they need to have a secure understanding and recall of all the tables to 12 x 12 and complete a statutory Times Table Test.