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On 17 March 2020, all routine Ofsted inspections were suspended due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. During the Autumn term, Ofsted are carrying out ‘interim visits’ to schools. These visits are designed to support schools in their important work to welcome all pupils back full-time. These interim visits will not result in any evaluation or graded judgement of a school or change a school’s current Ofsted inspection grade. These interim visits are to reassure and inform parents, government and the public about how schools are managing the return to full education for all pupils.  

Ofsted will select a sample of schools to visit based on a broadly proportionate representation of the sector. On 28th September, Rose Hill received one of these visits. Ofsted have also recently visited other schools in Stockport and Greater Manchester.

The visit was a positive experience and the inspectors were pleased to hear about all that that we had been doing to keep the school operating and its pupils and staff safe.

The lead Her Majesty’s Inspector (HMI) has written a short letter which we will publish on this website shortly. The letter will summarise briefly the discussions inspectors had with leaders. This is to provide parents with information about what leaders have been doing to help pupils back into full-time education. They will be published on Ofsted's report website. Ofsted will also use the findings from the visits to report to the Secretary of State and the public on the picture across schools in England.